The Jews have been through an endless series of prosecution, violence, pogroms, forced conversions, forced migrations, ethnic cleansing and finally the Holocaust with the extermination of almost 7 million European Jews. Despite being on the receiving end of the worst imaginable treatment in the human history, the Jewish community around the world faces unfound hatred and contempt from other people to this date. There are still so many people around the globe who hold a certain sense of hostility, hatred, prejudice or discrimination against Jews. Academics and social scientists regard these people as anti-Semites and classify their behavior as racism. Sadly, you will still have to encounter a lot of these anti-Semites both in your online and offline life. So how to debate with them? How can you counter their arguments? Here are a few things they claim and how you can counter them.

Jews are materialist capitalists, good with money and are greedy

Like a lot of ethnic groups, religious communities and nations, some Jews are excellent with making and managing money while others are not. Some are extremely rich while others are having a hard time making ends meet, just like every other group of people around the globe. In reality, a lot of Jews are living in poverty in the U.S. as of now and according to some studies, almost a million American Jews dwell in low-income households. The exact same can be said about every single group of humans on the face of the planet without defining them by nationality, religion, ethnicity or any other prejudice. 

Jews influence the banks, Hollywood, the U.S. government, the media and control the world

Making a particular group take the blame for everything that goes wrong in the world is an easy way to bypass the responsibility of trying to understand the complexities of problems. A lot of anti-Semite white supremacists in the West blame Jews for everything that’s wrong in the capitalist world from the banking sector to policy making. Their idea of Jews controlling the world is almost laughable because it was only around 80 years ago that Jews didn’t even have a country to live in and were a small minority diaspora, facing prosecution and violence. Even today, except for the small country of Israel, Jews around the world live in small communities as minorities. How can a small group of scattered people influence billion-dollar industries and complex government structures to control them? Yes, Steven Spielberg and Barbra Streisand have been glaring examples of powerful Jewish representation in Hollywood but that doesn’t mean they own the whole film industry! 

Jews killed or caused the death of Jesus.

Christians believe that Jesus was executed via crucifixion, a method that is completely forbidden by the Jewish Law. Apart from that, Jesus didn’t even commit any crime remotely related to anything that did warrant death according to the law in Judaism. 

Jews think they are the most superior people in the world.

Jews refer to themselves as the chosen ones but that term has a lot of context that needs to be studied rather than broad-stroking it as ‘Jews think they’re superior.’ Being ‘chosen’ doesn’t mean that Jews want or should have more privileges than those who aren’t Jews. Instead, being chosen or being special means that Jews have an additional job of upholding Jewish ethics, morality virtue and goodness at every cost.

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