ISRAEL is the birthplace of Christianity. If you study deep down the history, a lot of important events in Christian history have taken place in the geographical location of Israel from the life and death to the resurrection of Jesus. This is the reason that in the 4th century, the mother of Constantine, Helen build a lot of churches to commemorate the events of the life of Jesus.

The location of the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is the focus of the history of Jesus. According to the Christian studies of history, Jesus was crucified at Golgotha also known as the hill of Calvary. The site of resurrection and tomb of Jesus is inside the Sepulchre.

In the old city of Jerusalem, the western wall is considered a place of prayer for Christians. According to some Christian history, in Nazareth, the basilica of Annunciation is the place where angel Gabriel announced Jesus’ birth.

For Christians, Jesus is the Messiah or savior of the time. Many editions of the holy book of Christians, the bible, outline the geography of the Holy land in the premises of Israel.

In Galilee, the church of Beatitudes is the holy place where Jesus gave “the sermon on the Mount”. It is a very famous teaching of Christianity that was delivered by Jesus to a massive crowd on the Mount of Beatitudes.

Jerusalem holds the Gethsemane church whereafter the last supper the night before the crucifixion, the Apostles and Jesus prayed together.

A few of the main figures from the new and the old testaments are believed to have traveled around this biblical geography. The popular book by the German Protestant, Heinrich Bunting, Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae features the Holy land as Modern-day Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, and western Jordan.

Due to the significance of all these places in the life of Jesus, Israel is the holy place for Christians.

It is proved by the fact that millions of Christians from around the world visit this holy pilgrimage every year. They also consider Israel as the approaching 2nd coming Of Jesus. So the number of visitors is increasing every year that is almost one-quarter of the total visitors. They believe to find solace and vindication at the prayer site.

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