How to Debate With a Racist?

You have to muster up a lot of courage to argue with racists that are strengthening their roots everywhere. Without adopting an aggressive tone or a brutal pathway, you have to back up your words with logic. Indeed, your arguments backed by logic and calmness will raise your spirits in front of so-called intellectual racists. 

On the other hand, people with a racist mindset are not always willing to argue with logic. Despite this, they always raise their voices, manipulate data, or come up with pseudoscience to support their beliefs. 

Above all, racists are commanding people and communities through the inferiority complex and become wrecking sources around the globe. In that regard, everyone has to become an advocate of anti-racism to play their role in the extinction of racism.

How to Debate With an Racist or an Anti Semite?

We need to uproot the racial mindset from our societies because racism is acting as a catalyst to promote discrimination, prejudice, antagonism, hostility, and acrimony. 4 strategies are immensely helpful to debate with a racist:

1.Racism is a social construct, not a biological trait

Racism is a social construct, not a biological trait because race is a product of exploitation. Many pseudoscientists consider racism as a biological trait and manipulate a bonding between genetics and race. 

However, both are entirely different from each other. The core reason is the role of environmental factors on genetic variations. Anti-Semitism is one of the fundamental examples of racism that suppresses the Jewish community and restricts them from ethnic and religious practices. 

This Jew-hatred momentum got surge during the middle ages but was quoted during the 19th century. World War I and Nazi ideology act as fueling agents to initiate this momentum. According to Hitler, the whole population of the world has two races that are Germans as higher people while Jews as lower people. These sorts of ideologies are proof of the creation of racism rather than considering race as an inherent trait.

2. Association of our ancestors with each other

Often, racists enslaved themselves to the superiority trap due to their association with a superior race of ancestors. On the other hand, our ancestors associated with each other due to the ambulant human nature. This fact is well explained by Rutherford in his book “How to argue with racists”. 

He implemented mathematical tactics to manifest a clear picture. According to him, every individual has two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, and the cycle continues. 

After 1000 years, these statistics will reach up to one trillion. This concept has the capability to convince a racist that all of us have an invisible deep connection with each other.

3.Hue and cry for aboriginal recognition

Racists usually raise a hue and cry for aboriginal recognition of immigrants. But, how could they claim that their roots belong to specific lands? Of course, human beings do not own static nature like trees and they traveled across the world to fulfill their physical and social needs. 

However, people belonging to different lands used to satisfy their physical needs and produce fertile offspring and the process continues. Without a doubt, there’s no evidence behind racial purity. Above all, maybe people living within America have African ancestors or someone living within Europe may possess Asian ancestry.

4.Racism and genetics

DNA plays a pivotal role in the lives of human beings. But, often anti-semite members or other racists confess that they belong to the superior human race. To prove themselves right, they adapt multiple tactics like DNA testing, Genealogy testing but all in vain. 

The fact behind this logic is, DNA testing could only provide a report of your resemblance to your parents or siblings. However, you cannot get firm proof regarding your connection to your ancestors. Indeed, multiple environmental factors could affect genetics that could bring variations within genetic make-up with time.

Final Words 

Racists are empowering people and societies with discrimination and prejudice. Indeed, racism is only a societal product and requires collective efforts to eradicate this pandemic. Although political racism is also sowing the seeds of malevolence among people with the introduction of antisemitism controversies. But, to eliminate racism, everyone has to embark on an anti-racial mindset.


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