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As an Israel & Zionism advocator, Gili Meshulam delivers poignant lessons on the history of Israel and Judaism. She has always been interested in politics, but is particularly passionate about advocating for Israel online. That’s what led her to launch My Israeli Story, where she exposes misconceptions about Israel and fights against those who seek to circulate damaging lies about the country that she loves.

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Best Books about Israel

Best Books about Israel

Very few books have the ability to influence people, and the ten works we have listed here are among them. They brilliantly expose readers to the psyche of the Jewish state’s intricacies. They educate us about the country’s history and its current, technology-led dignity. Take a look at these books that make us fall in love with a land that so many of us relate …

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Israel is not apartheid: how to advocate Israel

People often state that what is occurring in Israel and the continuing assault on its existence isn’t easy to comprehend, or too complicated to take a stand. The lies in Israeli Apartheid slander is spread worldwide in more ways than anyone can imaging. You can control and prove all these lies with the help of …

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How to advocate for Israel?

How to advocate for Israel?

5 simple tips that will help you become an advocator for Israel As an Israel supporter, it’s not uncommon for you to debate people on Israel and its policies. This is particularly true for those who have been to the Western countries. From right wing sympathizers of Islamism to the radical progressives or liberals, you will have …

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