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As an Israel & Zionism advocator, Gili Meshulam delivers poignant lessons on the history of Israel and Judaism. She has always been interested in politics, but is particularly passionate about advocating for Israel online. That’s what led her to launch My Israeli Story, where she exposes misconceptions about Israel and fights against those who seek to circulate damaging lies about the country that she loves.

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We need to reshape the perception of how people view Israel. We have to step up and share the Israel's Story

Why Israel Is so important to the Jewish People

Why Jews have no choice but living in the land of Israel

17 November, 2020
Six Must Visit Travel Places To Go In

Planning a trip to Israel? Here are 6 places you NEED to check!

29 NOVEMBER, 2020​

Let's stop the lies spread about Israel

5 december, 2020

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