5 simple tips that will help you become an advocator for Israel

As an Israel supporter, it’s not uncommon for you to debate people on Israel and its policies. This is particularly true for those who have been to the Western countries. From right wing sympathizers of Islamism to the radical progressives or liberals, you will have to face different people with different narratives, trying to malign Israel, mostly with hearsay or propaganda. How do you advocate for your country in such a situation? Here are 5 effective ways you can manage the discourse.


Never act as the victim

Despite being at the forefront of terrorism for decades, a lot of people around the world still don’t really care about Israelis being victims of extremism, how hundreds of hectares of Israeli agricultural lands have been torched by Palestinian incendiary kites or how children and women in Israel continue to be terrorized by Islamist groups. The so-called progressives and rights activists never pay attention to the tens of suicide bombing attacks or the number of missiles Iran equips Hezbollah with to attack Israel. So matter how egregious these crimes are against Israel’s national security, most of the people will never see Israel at the receiving end of it. 


Know the history

History is one of those things that matter a lot in any debate and Israel’s history is full of monumental victories that define how a small country is capable of defending itself in the face of blatant and outnumbering acts of aggression. 

The Six Day War stands as a shining example where Israel countered the Arab aggression with a defensive war, inflicting a humiliating defeat. Another historical fact is that Palestine was never a state in the first place. You must also know that settlements aren’t an act of “taking over” and colonizing but it expresses the right of Jewish familiesto return to their ancestral lands. 

Besides, Israel placing three holistic peace proposals on the table over the last 20 years for an independent Palestine and Palestinians rejecting all of them to ‘fight on’ is a historical proof that Israel has always vouched for peace and stability in the region.


Israelis want to live in peace 

The thing you should emphasize over and over again is our nation’s resolve to avoid conflicts and live at peace with all our neighbors specially all the Muslim majority countries from Morocco in the west to Indonesia in the east. Instead of promoting things like ‘Jihad’, Israel and Israelis wish to live in harmony with other human beings in the region no matter which religion they belong to. Stress that Israel would never even want to annihilate its enemies and rather try find a middle ground to resolve conflicts.

Israel’s position in the violent, terror-ridden Middle East

One of the most important things about Israel’s existence as a democracy in right in the center of Middle East is that it serves as a beacon of stability and prosperity in the region. Its purpose as a nation strives to inspire justice, progressiveness and technological prowess for the otherwise violent Middle East. 


Israel’s strengths are your strengths as a citizen

Never be embarrassed at your country’s strengths, no matter if it’s in technology, politics, economy and most importantly, the military. It may seem to go counterintuitive to the narrative in the last point but no country can ever exist without exercising military strength and ensure its survival.

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