How to debate with an anti-Semite?

The Jews have been through an endless series of prosecution, violence, pogroms, forced conversions, forced migrations, ethnic cleansing and finally the Holocaust with the extermination of almost 7 million European Jews. Despite being on the receiving end of the worst imaginable treatment in the human history, the Jewish community around the world faces unfound hatred and contempt from […]

How to Debate With a Racist?

You have to muster up a lot of courage to argue with racists that are strengthening their roots everywhere. Without adopting an aggressive tone or a brutal pathway, you have to back up your words with logic. Indeed, your arguments backed by logic and calmness will raise your spirits in front of so-called intellectual racists.  […]

Why is Israel holy for Christians

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WHY IS ISRAEL HOLY FOR THE CHRISTIANITY? ISRAEL is the birthplace of Christianity. If you study deep down the history, a lot of important events in Christian history have taken place in the geographical location of Israel from the life and death to the resurrection of Jesus. This is the reason that in the 4th […]

Israel is NOT an Apartheid!

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Ways to Fight Israeli Apartheid Lies People often state that what is occurring in Israel and the continuing assault on its existence isn’t easy to comprehend, or too complicated to take a stand. The lies in Israeli Apartheid slander is spread worldwide in more ways than anyone can imaging. You can control and proof all […]

The story of Hanukkah

As every religion and culture, Jewish also has religious events. But here we are going to discuss the well-known and special event Hanukkah. The Jewish and Israel celebrate this day on the 10th of December every year. This event’s celebration continues for eight days. Hanukkah is also known as Chanukah.  Hanukkah often called the festival […]