Advocating for Israel Official Ebook by Gili Meshulam

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This message is for Zionists who are willing to take action only.

If you’re not a Zionist. Or you’re not willing to take action and improve Israel’s image- keep on scrolling. This message is not for you.

My name is Gili, and I’m an Israel & Zionism advocacy specialist.

I’ve spent the past 10 years of my life studying all that I can in order to improve Israel’s image.

I’ve spent years learning from some of the greatest Israeli and Jewish advocators – including Stand with us, Stand with Israel, Aipac, and Friends of Israel. I’ve mastered my knowledge in unique Jewish classes about Christianity at Bar Ilan University in Israel. I was even teaching at Tel Aviv University at the age of only 24.

Gaining all this information and experience has made me want to share it with you – a special guide that will teach you- everything you need in order for you to start advocating for Israel.

This ebook will teach you all you need to know about advocating Israel, including:
1. Israel’s real history
2. How to deal with lies spread about Israel
3.How to advocate Israel
4. How to improve your debate skills
5. How to Strengthen Israel’s image around the world
and much much more!
this ebook is worth 3 years of advocating Experience, 24 years of living in Israel, and 5781 years of Jewish experience.


You will also get an Extra Practical guide that will teach you how to face with day to day lies spread about Israel

You’ll get key insights in the book on a variety of aspects, such as:


🇮🇱The key to handling a divisive political topic like Israel (or any divisive topic, in fact).
🇮🇱How to advocate for Israel on social media, and how to deal with hateful people online.
🇮🇱How to handle legitimate criticism of Israel that is difficult to defend.
The one key aspect to focus on in order to effectively strengthen Israel’s image in the world.
🇮🇱How to improve your debating skills, including the best tone to use when debating others.
🇮🇱How to truly set a good example for Israel.

And I’ve even arranged a special price that will make it super affordable for anyone – 19.9$.

Yes. You got it right. I’m willing to put so much to help you start advocating for Israel.

Let’s make a difference and spread some light in this world.