Israel Has Its 4th National Election in 2 Years

Israel is a prodigy at many things – innovations, technology, food, medicine, holiness.

But there is one thing that Israel is not very good at – creating and forming Governments.

In the past 2 years Israel has held 3 sets of elections, and with the 4th elections coming up we made a quick guide to make things clear and to explain a little bit more about the Israeli elections and about why is Israel continuously is going on elections.

The Israeli society- we have written a lot about how talented the Israelis are, but if the truth were to be told the Israeli society is very divided. About 40% of the Israeli civilians are interested in the current Israeli prime minister- Benjamin Netanyahu to remain a prime minister and about 40% would like him to leave – which leaves the situation very problematic when it comes to forming a coalition.

There are many Parties- Unlike the American method, In Israel, one can choose from many parties in the recent elections held on March 2nd 2020, 29 parties took a part in the elections, yet, only 8 of them had enough mandates to pass the electoral threshold. Still, with multiple amounts of small parties forming a coalition is not an easy task to do.

One more thing to keep in mind is how divided is the Israeli society- even within the Jewish society itself, Orthodox Jews and secular Jews find it hard to agree on basic yet important public matters such as public transportation on Shabbat, gay marriage and more.

With Israel’s important history it is important to remember those sorts of disagreements have resigned within the Jewish and the Israeli society for a while- disagreements which we could see reside within the Jewish society till this very day.

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