Israel's Story- How was the Jewish state reborn Ebook

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Israel's Story- How was the Jewish state reborn Ebook

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Are you sick of reading false information about Israel?

Learn all you need to know about Israel’s real story once and for all!


If you too would like to hear Israel’s story, learn why it is so important to the Jewish people and how it came to be
You’ve reached the right place!


Introducing History of Israel eBook, a much-needed and affordable eBook on the history of Israel and Judaism.

By reading this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The true and interesting history of Israel.
  • How Israel became the Jewish nation.
  • The aspects of the Zionist movement.
  • What was the British Mandate
  • The nitty-gritty of the Israeli war of independence.
  • And more.

The media doesn’t always show Israel’s narrative

For the past 2 years I’ve run My Israeli Story, teaching people around the world about Israel’s real story. For years I’ve received messages, emails, and texts from people, expressing how grateful they are since their media is anti-Israel. So I decided to teach Israel’s real history once and for all.

No one knows, about Israel better than Israelis, as a proud Israeli Jew, my goal has always been to improve Israel’s image around the world

Our story begins with a trip to New York, where we got to see the lies and hate that’s been spread toward Jews and Israel.

On that day, We’ve decided to do as much as we can to spread Israel’s story.

Since I want Israel’s Story to be spread widely, I’ve decided to make the price as affordable as possible. So after reading this you too will be able to share Israel’s real story with the world!


Gili Meshulam – Founder of My Israeli Story


Oh and did I mention you also get an extra bonus- Israel’s story mini booklet

Hi I read your book. Very interesting with a lot of facts. G-d always had the Jewish people’s back in order for you to regain your land. It was just meant to be considering the resourceful jewish people had to be using the least military equipment at hand with barely any other support that their own and just recovering from the end of WW2. THANKS!

Hi, Shabbat Shalom from Sri Lanka😊

I just purchased your Ebook

Gonna enjoy reading it

I will never look at Israel the same way!

6 reviews for Israel’s Story- How was the Jewish state reborn Ebook

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  2. Danna cohen

    So informative, I loved it

  3. Shiela


  4. Allan (verified owner)

    A well written book of a beloved country

  5. Abi

    A great book about a wonderful country

  6. David (verified owner)


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