Israel is NOT an Apartheid!

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Ways to Fight Israeli Apartheid Lies

People often state that what is occurring in Israel and the continuing assault on its existence isn’t easy to comprehend, or too complicated to take a stand.

The lies in Israeli Apartheid slander is spread worldwide in more ways than anyone can imaging. You can control and proof all these lies with the help of some public gatherings, through social media campaigns, with the help of different methods and mediums of sharing.

With simple, unified messaging, they have succeeded in convincing the masses that their slander is truth, and our reality is lies – using course the standard anti-Jewish tropes in doing this.

These lies gain in power each year, only under their followers’ quantities along with their funds. They are letting the tentacles of Jew’s hate on grounds around the planet each March Israelis celebrate, Israeli Apartheid week.

The Israelis present their new series of offences, demonization, and dehumanization about Israel and Jews in front of the world.

In this article, we try to teach you the possible ways to fight with all the lies about Israel.


Educate about the fact to School Students

You have to discuss the facts with school students. If you succeed in it, you will make a group of students who can convey this message in different societies.

Once finished, the students will be better prepared to respond to these lies when they come across the mind get more pleasure in Israel.

You have to follow, following steps to make your school students aware of the facts:


  • Right for children aged 12 +


  • You have to publish the slides. A single set of slides per group of four reveals it as a slideshow on a projector, whiteboard or interactive whiteboard etc. Don’t hesitate to use as many of the slides you require, based on time, age, etc…
  • It would be best if you began with an introductory. Present the slides. While reviewing the slides, have the students engage in one or more of the main activities, either in tiny groups or together.
  • Present introduction and suggestions to facilitate dialogue. Request pupils to write down words about Israel, speak about their experiences, what they liked/didn’t enjoy.
  • If you have any images of Israel, show them.
  • Introduce the Idea of Apartheid – inquire if anybody knows what this implies, and review its history as needed.
  • Before presenting the slides, ask students if they understand exactly why Israel is/is not considered apartheid.



  • Main activities
  • You have to make differences between Israel and South Africa.
  • Tell them why Israel is not an apartheid state.
  • You have to share strategies to convince students that Israel is not an apartheid state.
  • Allow students to show their work and findings and use the discussion questions under for advice.


Go to the informal learning workshop with your friends, family members and colleagues

Organize a workshop about the Israeli Apartheid claims’ mistakes, the lies behind the BDS motion, and learn the essential tools to become a vocal advocate either independently or online. Attend these workshops with family members, friends and colleagues.

  • Invite Experts

You have to get an expert opinion in this sensitive issue. Hear from an expert, talk about skills and experiences, and join an international neighborhood of Israel’s virtual citizens. They refuse to stand idly by while the world continues to beat down on Israel and the Jewish people.

We have got a vast range of activities it is possible to use. Be in touch with us now, and we can work with you to organize a great program and suggest workshop facilitators in your area and help you plan your workshop.


Hear from motivational speakers

Many speakers range from professors, politicians, diplomats, and ethnic activists that we can suggest that you host. Contact us recommendations on excellent speakers you may bring to a community OR sponsor a digital experience!

This permits individuals to register to your life experience, but could also be recorded for folks to see at their convenience.  You may use Facebook live, Google Hangouts, Skype, or some other great platform for group chats.


Organize a creative demonstration action

A creative protest action can emphasize the collaboration of a professor, student class, firm, university or other institution that publicly supports the hate-driven schedule of Israel Apartheid Week along with other BDS and Israel-hating moves.

  • Start a campaign

You have to start a campaign that raises public consciousness and includes a clear objective of the change you try to create.   Produce a meme effort on social media. Share posts with your community either via email or on social networking.

  • Social media awareness

You have to start a social media awareness program. Use creative graphics to help convey your message and be sure that you use the #IsraeliApartheidWeek hashtag.

This really is an excellent method to draw the attention of those who think they’re supporting something good when actually they are after an ideology of baseless lies, hatred and demonization.


Start a cultural event or concert in your community

It is part of the Palestinian’s moral goal to remove Israeli history, culture, and identity. Organize a social occasion to showcase and celebrate the cultural history, Israeli music and art, and different food items to build connections between people of different beliefs and backgrounds.

The discussions in these positive spaces can strengthen our effort to fight the Jew-hatred through our unity.  These kinds of events are compelling in drawing in those who would not typically be considered a panel or workshop type application.



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