Advocating for Israel- this is how you can Defend Israel of Social media!

Israel is probably one of the most discussed and criticized countries in the world – mostly for the wrong reasons though. As an Israeli, it’s your responsibility to know how you can advocate for your homeland and equip yourself with the knowledge that can help you attain the upper hand in any debate. It’s important to base your narrative on proper knowledge, accurate history and keep your arguments away from unnecessary jingoism. If you’re likely to land yourself in a situation that puts you in that tough spot, both online or offline, you should be prepared to present Israel’s case in the most peaceful, accurate manner possible, which is quite difficult. Butdon’t worry. Here are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Israel sees itself as a tech leader, not a security state

A lot of people around the world think that Israel is just about defending its territory, nurturing a military, the mandatory national military service and the huge military equipment industrial complex. While all that is true, it’simportant to let people interacting with you know that Israel is a lot more than just its security or military. According to a lot of international forums and agencies, Israel has the highest number of tech start-ups per person than any other country in the world. If you want to educate yourself more on this subject, then there are tons of documentaries available on this about how Israel established itself as a tech giant despite being a small country. 

From cyber security and artificial intelligence to photonics, robotics and semi-conductors, Israel is a global leader and major supplier of all the emerging technologies. Apart from this, Israeli citizens produce more scientific papers on a per capita basis annually than any other nation of the world. This speaks volumes about Israel’s progress and its strengths as a nation. Israelis should build a narrative around their country’s technological prowess to brand it as the world’s leading innovator and tech producer with tons of examples.

Counter the anti-Israel bias in media

While going through the newspapers, the Internet or the television, you must have come across media reports that reflect on Israel poorly or downplay the Islamist extremism in the region. It’s important that you, as a well-wisher for Israel, demand the media to be fair and straighten up their facts. You should carefully read or watch such publications or programs, pinpoint specific errors, present a counter argument and send an email or a letter to let them know about your objections.

Israel’s treatment of minorities

The population of Arabs in Israel stood at around 1.9 million people as of 2019, representing around 20 percent of the population and all of them are integrated well within the fabric of Israeli society. Despite identifying as Palestinians or Arabs by nationality, an overwhelming number of these minority groups consider themselves a citizen of Israel enjoying equal rights as any other Israeli of Jewish origins. If they were all facing unlawful oppression, apartheid or discrimination, why would so many of them support Israel?

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