Israel is one of the most tourist places in the world. It has fine destinations for all kinds of personalities; whether outgoing or introverted. You may be alone or as a group looking for a fine place to spend during vacation. Or you may be a family man looking for great places to take your loving family. Well, Israel has it all. Below are some of the most touristic destinations in Israel.

  1. Western Wall

This is located in Jerusalem. Perhaps you have read a lot about this location in the Bible. This is a fine opportunity to go experience the feel physically. It is regarded as a holy place by the locals. Therefore, you should be aware of this fact and avoid getting too free around this area. How you carry yourself around here matters. Generally, the place is a nice place to be. You will learn a lot of history as well as get a picturesque venue for photo sessions.

  1. White City in Tel Aviv

This is where there are a lot of architectural buildings you will love to see. The creativity exhibited by these buildings is out of this world. The interior design is amazing as well as the outdoor finishing. You will get the amazing feeling tourists to get when exploring modern touristic cities.

The houses are elegant and appealing to the eye. You will have a feeling of not wanting to leave the place. This is another place to take beautiful pictures from. You can spend the whole afternoon on a weekend enjoying the views with drinks in your hands. The weather is always friendly and so you can move around freely.

If your time allows, you can hire a taxi to take you around the area for a city tour. Or, you could work with a touring company to accomplish the same. It is a beautiful experience and you will want to do this again and again.

  1. Hipster Central

This is another fine place to have a meal in Tel Aviv. It is located right inside the Big Synagogue plaza. There are several spots here for food, drinks, and rest as you watch the locals go about with their lives.

You shouldn’t claim you have been to a place if you have not experienced the local culture. Have a bite of Israeli’s favorite snack here and drink too. Besides, you should eat some of their local foods and learn a thing or two about how the same is prepared. This is to ensure you have an Israelite feeling before your journey back home.

The services are affordable and of quality too. You will love your time here. Do not forget to carry your mobile device with you for pictures and the creation of memories.

Now, to learn something about the local culture, you’ll have to build rapport with some of the locals. Introverts might have a challenge with this but it’s still doable. An eatery is not a bad place to start conversations with the locals. But, be cautious not to intrude on anyone’s space. The goal of this is to learn some things about the local culture.

  1. Roman Ruins

This will be stepping right in the middle of history. The Biblical Herod himself was behind the construction of this historical place. Not only is it a good place to learn history, but also a picturesque site you’ll enjoy taking pictures of.

There’s also a theatre around and other entertaining spots to spend your time. This is a good place to go with your family and friends. You need company to enjoy and have all the fun there is in this place.

  1. Acre’s Old city

Israel is one of the oldest cities in the world. That means you will meet most of the old buildings and vintage erections during your tour. They are specially designed using some of the most solid yet old architectural designs but you will love them.

In this old city, you have a mix of both old and modern buildings. They are uniquely designed and built. You will enjoy the views. The city is so big you won’t be able to finish the tour in a single day. But again, you cannot camp here for a week just touring the city.

Perhaps you could do it in bits. Say you do the Old city tour on your day one and move to another activity the next day. The following day you could start with another day then spend your afternoon with the Old city tour. I’m certain you won’t lack ideas to make the visit memorable. You also have a port nearby. All this is in the Northern part of Israel, Akko.

  1. Bahai Garden

I intentionally had this destination last on my list. It is one of the most beautiful places in Israel. You should see the ariel view of the site and visit the actual place. You should set aside a whole day for time here. There’s a beautiful garden here and a shrine too. This is the best place to take pictures of and walk around experiencing the joy here.

Locate in Haifa, the design is also amazing. From the aerial view, you can see an overpass garden with a road below. It would also be nice to have a look at the area below while at the top. This is a must-visit area when in Israel. The beautiful appearance is a reminder of how great architects Israel has.


Israel is a beautiful tourist destination. It is also historical and has one of the most amazing architectural designs in the world. If you’re making plans to visit a country, make a point to get to the six places highlighted in this piece. But, make sure you’ve tasted the local food and learn a word or two of the local language. Besides, you should visit as many areas as possible and create as many memories as possible. Ensure your camera has enough space for pictures.


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