Is israel occupying Palestine?

Is israel occupying Palestine?

When it comes to the Israeli Palestinian conflict many are falsely claiming that Israel colonized Palestine a claim that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Here are some facts about the Israeli Palestinian conflict that will teach you more about the History of the land:

1. Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel:

remember the stories you learned in school about the Bible and the Hebrews fighting pharaoh? Jews who are a part of the 12 tribes of Israel(Hebrew) are descendants of those people exactly. The word Jews originates from the name Judaea – the name of the ancient country of tribe of Judas of Israel. That same tribe has had an official country in the land of Israel. And for over 3,300 years had a continuous presence in that land even as the romans conquered the land and exiled the Jews – Jews have always maintained and practiced their tradition, remembering where they are from and praying 3 times a day to return to that place – Zion- the land of Israel. And yes, many have even remained in the land.

2. The name of Palestine originates from the word invader in Hebrew:

when the Romans have conquered the land of Israel in 63 BCE . They strived to humiliate the Jews living in the land who were resisting their occupation, they decided to change the name of the land to Palestine after the Jew’s ethereal enemy the Philistines (who originate from Greece). As in many Scriptures the name of Israel was still preserved many have addressed occupied Israel as Palestine.

3. Modern Israel has offered the Palestinians peace over 9 times:

ever since Israel has been reborn and re-established in 1948 the government of Israel ( and the people of Israel) have tried to achieve peace with the Palestinians. The Palestinians have rejected every single peace offer that Israel has offered. Including offers before the establishment of the country during the British mandate to divide the land before the land- giving both people a country of their own, as the Jews accepted the Palestinians have rejected the offered and started a war, in which they lost.

4. There was never a Palestinian country:

as a matter of fact, there was no Palestinian Nationality before 1967, as the majority of the Palestinians originate from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Throughout the entire time the land of Israel was colonized there was never an official country in the land of Israel that wasn’t Jewish – the land was under continuous mandates and control, yet never ever trough out history was there a Palestinian country.

As many rumors and lies are spread about Israel it is important to stop and learn the facts about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, that will help each an one of us develop a real informed opinion about the Israeli Palestinian conflict that will help promote peace in the land of Israel!

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