How to move to Israel?

Want to make Aliyah? here’s how:

If you plan to spend the rest of your life in Israel, this post will help you on, How to move to Israel!

Israel is a beautiful part of the Middle East on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a biblical Holy land for Druze, Christians, Muslims, Baha’is, Jews, and many other religions. One of the most sacred nations on the globe. People call it the land of Honey and Milk! The main native languages of this region are Arabic and Hebrew.

Israeli new shekel is the currency of the country! Jerusalem is its capital city. All in all, Israel is one of the best locations in the world. It is known for its climate variety, and spirituality! It has a more than 9 million population.

It is a place of scientific and technological innovation. It is one of the top 40 biggest GDPs contributing world and ranked over 100 in terms of large population than other nations. It does not matter if you are moving there alone or with the family. Many best places are there in Israel to live.


What to consider before moving to Israel?

Israel is one of the top 10 expensive nations to live in, so you need to consider it before relocation. You can consider the Cost of Shipping, the size of the home you will move to, Cost to fly goods to Israel. A citizen of Israel must have registration with one of the four healthcare firms: Meuhedet, Leumit, Maccabi, or Clalit. Jewish people with their spouses can immigrate to Israel with ease.

People can access public healthcare for the first year. One does not need to pay into the national insurance fund i.e Bituach Leumi! By the way, you can start contributing to it after the first job or spending a year in this Holy land.

Thus, you should research well to compare and finalize the right service to transfer your money into shekels. Try to avoid taking the help of high street banks for this purpose. After all, you may not get an effective exchange rate, or you might end up paying a higher exchange rate.

we also recommend on learning Hebrew before you move to Israel- Click here for more details

How to Get an Employment in Israel?

There is a B/1 work visa for immigrants valid for a year in Israel. After that, you can renew it for one to five years.

As per the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Israel, you need to apply. You must record your fingerprint and clear an interview with the following;

– Two of your passport size pictures

– Medical procedure certifications if any

– Proof of no criminal records

It would cost you around ₪11,005 (£2,505) to get the work visa in Israel or your employer can cover this.

After a successful application, you will gain a single-entry visa for a month. Further, you can extend its validity from the Ministry of the Interior.

By holding the B/1 visa, you could make a gross salary of a minimum of £60,228 for one year! By the way, the income tax rate varies from 10% to 50% as per the average salary slabs. There is constant growth in the economy of Israel even after the COVID pandemic. Many jobs are available on many reliable online classifieds sites.


How to migrate to Israel?

There are two primary parts of legislation to govern the needs of Israeli Citizenship. One is the Citizenship Law of 1952, and another is the Law of Return as of 1950. Jews in any part of the world have the right to move to Israel without any restrictions and become Israeli!

Non-Jewish foreigners might naturalize after three years as permanent residents of Israel. It can also be possible if a Non-Jewish demonstrate knowledge of Hebrew or renounce past citizenship. So non-Jewish people need to qualify for any of the available limited categories of visas to obtain the citizenship of Israel.


Bottom Line

Israel is a region having Mediterranean beaches, deserts, and snow-capped mountains. There is not much rain, but mostly there are two seasons a windy, cool winter and sweltering, dry, long summer. It is a modern liberal democratic nation but lacks regulations and laws that govern how foreigners can settle in Israel for the long term.

In case, you are a non-Jewish, you can only reside in Israel as a tourist foreigner. It could be for studies, work, business, a clergy member of a religious firm, or a volunteer.

If you want to get permanent residence in Israel, you need to convert to Judaism or marry someone already Jewish. Otherwise, there is no permanent legal status for the immigration of foreigners. It is under the management of Knesset (parliament of Israel, the legislative body of the country).


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