Throughout the years’ antisemitism has looked differently, as every time Jews are to be blamed for acting against the global interest when the world cared the most about health, Jews were blamed for spreading disease.

When the world cared the most about the broken economy, Jews were blamed for owning banks, later on, media and etc.

As for now, the world is mainly concerned with being moral, and Jews, now getting to be Zionists, are blamed for being immoral.

BDS is an acronym for the movement “Boycott, Divest, Sanction.”

BDS is an acronym for the movement “Boycott, Divest, Sanction.” BDS has been around since 2005 and aims to pressure Israel to change its policies toward the Palestinians. It is a global movement that aims to support Palestinian rights and end Israel’s violations of international law by boycotting Israeli products and services, divesting from companies that are complicit in these violations, and sanctioning the state of Israel until it complies with international law.

BDS activists claim that they have nothing against Jews or Judaism—they just want everyone who supports human rights to stand up against what they see as an injustice toward Palestinians. They also say that their goal is not one state vs two states but equality among all people living between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea (including Israelis and Palestinians).

Supporters of BDS say that it is a non-violent way for people worldwide to show their support for Palestinian rights and help bring about an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. They believe that a boycott will force Israel to realize its wrong policies and eventually change them.

But the truth couldn’t be farther than that; the BDS is a common tool today to make antisemitism okay. The movement strives to fight for Palestinians, doing nothing but aiming to hurt Jews in and outside of Israel who supports the state of Israel.

BDS is a socially acceptable way of expressing antisemitism.


The truth is that BDS does not have a direct connection with Israel. It is an attempt to delegitimize Israel and the Jewish community in the world in order to justify antisemitic sentiments and actions. This movement uses various tactics such as boycotting products, divesting from companies that support Israel and sanctions against countries who trade with Israel

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