About Us

About Us

Our goal is to spread the truth about Israel, to support the Pro- Israel community with relevant data, info and facts about the Israeli- Palestinian story and to share the light of Israel with the world.

We are facts, Statistics based we strive to share the truth, out of the genuine belief: truth, facts, and history stand with Israel’s right to self-defense, and clearly, Israel’s right to exist.

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lsrael's most promising educator  

That is what one of the largest pro-Israel organizations called me

For the past 3 years, I have dedicated my time and greatest efforts to helping people stand up to Israel haters and creating new. advocators for Israel.
In the past, it was easy to leave advocacy to professional ambassadors and advocators, but today in the social era anyone could easily spread a lie or fake news about Israel, reaching hundreds of thousands of people.
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As an Israel & Zionism advocacy specialist, Gili Meshulam delivers poignant lessons on the history of Israel and Judaism. She has always been interested in politics but is particularly passionate about advocating for Israel online. That’s what led her to launch My Israeli Story, where she exposes misconceptions about Israel and fights against those who seek to circulate damaging lies about the country that she loves.

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