Bella Hadid is one of the most known anti-Zionists on social media, she is an American influencer with over 50 million followers

And although she is part Palestinian her growing obsession with the Israeli- Palestinian conflict didn’t thrive until May 2021.

Last May, during operation Pillar of Defense, Bella Hadid has started joining the Pro Palestinian protest and has even called for the complete destruction of Israel, chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

But the main reason Bella has started to join pro-Palestinian protests is to gain popularity.

as the pro-Palestinian narrative has started to become popular Bella, interested in using her background started to support Palestine. Although in the past she has shared a different narrative, that has accepted the state of Israel, it seems like Bella is doing what she can to gain more influence: including spreading lies about the state of Israel and raising antisemitism.

Bella Hadid Is well aware of the fact that she spreads lies about Israel.

On her Instagram, the anti- Israel influencer has spread multiple modern antisemitic stories & posts including blaming the Israeli government for controlling the media, and old antisemitic claims, but instead of blaming Jews, she chooses to blame Israel.

Bella blames the Israeli Government for controlling the media

We can see a pattern in Bella’s posts, she seeks attention and does not care about the accuracy of her posts. During operation Pillar of defense Bella has posted several stories of Palestinian Terrorists without revealing she has stabbed an IDF soldier and asked her crowd “What would you do if this was your mother”.

Although Bella has been well aware of the fact she has helped to raise antisemitic attacks, it does not look like she is willing to stop or for the least, share the unbiased truth.

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