28 Al Jazeera journalists were killed this year, none of which has received half of the media coverage Shireen Abu Akleh has.

Her death is a horrible event, yet for now, it looks like Palestinian extremists are using her death as a tool to bash Israel. Israel wants to interrogate the event, but Palestinians don’t – which alone could explain what truly happened to the journalist.

We can’t talk about her death without giving the full context- 19 innocent Israelis were brutally murdered in the past month by Palestinian terrorists. The raid the journalist was killed in – was a special operation by the Israeli army seeking to disarm the next terror attack after receiving intel on a potential terror attack that would arrive from Jenin.

The intel was correct – the IDF soldiers were attacked, and Palestinians were shooting carelessly -aiming to kill the IDF soldiers, one of the terrorists even reported to have managed to hit a soldier, although no IDF soldier was hit.

As Shireen Abu Akleh was wearing a vest and a helmet that looked a lot like the military, it currently looks like she was probably shot by Palestinian terrorists and not IDF soldiers, which could explain why the Palestinians are refusing to hold an interrogation.

So why is everyone seeking to attack and blame Israel? As the Israeli Consol Assaf Zamir – “that hate comes from a certain place in their heart” hate incitement against Israel isn’t something new, and has caused a rise in antisemitic attacks in the past year.

As the main search on google is “Al Jazeera journalist killed by Israel”, the journalist’s death is used to demonize Israel, and the people who yell it- probably don’t care about spreading the truth but rather for a new reason to blame Israel.

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Asaf Zamir in his interview with CNN has explained clearly the circumstances of her death, and later on what happened at  Shireen Abu Akleh’s as Palestinian extremists stole the journalist’s coffin- and presented it as if Israel attacked for no reason.

As we may add, hate incitement against Israel has been going on for years,
Don’t be fooled by propaganda and fake news and always ask to look at the details yourself.

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