The Anti Israel trend- Why is it trendy to hate Israel

I believe in the State of Israel and know that it has the right to exist. Furthermore, the State of Israel has the right to live in peace, with a sense of security, and without tragedy befalling our people regularly because someone disagrees with my opinion.

How come Israel is subjected to a double standard?

That’s a contradiction in terms. When a country is subjected to a double standard, it is treated worse than others for doing the same thing. By holding the West Bank, Israel attempts to protect its population from terrorists and is not infringing any laws. Still, the international world is interested in an unfair process for the Jewish state.

The same rules bind Israel as the rest of the world in the post-International WWII order. And this is how it works. Social justice must come before national interests, and the state’s goal can’t be to improve one’s own country. This is the standard: A group was formed because the League of Nations didn’t do enough to stop Hitler from taking disputed, historically German land that they thought was important for their people to defend. Whether or not the Nazis were right in other ways, the idea that a state can claim land based on historical claims at another group’s expense is vehemently opposed by the international community. This is shown by the European Union’s constant criticism of Poland, Italy, and Hungary for their nationalist stance.

When terrorists launch rockets from Gaza, the world remains silent. However, when Israel reacts to missile fire to defend its population, the international community begs for restraint. And when rockets fired from Gaza hit homes and hearts in Israel’s south, killing innocent Israeli residents, the world remains mute. But when Israel attacks a structure used to house weapons after dropping flyers urging everyone to flee, the world yells, “Genocide!” When terrorists slaughter Israeli people, they sing and distribute sweets in the streets. However, when the IDF inadvertently kills civilians while attempting to eliminate a terrorist, the entire country mourns the loss of innocent blood. Palestinians glorify murder and try for maximum losses, whereas Israelis lament bloodshed and do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. Nonetheless, only Israel is condemned.

Israel builds missile defenses to safeguard human lives, and the rest of the world scoffs, Israel is “Overreacting.” Gaza utilizes people as shields to shelter rockets while the rest of the world yells, “Self-defense!” When Israel raises its army budget and develops new weaponry and technologies, the rest of the world screams, “Beware!” When Palestinians utilize building materials and other items to create missiles and terror tunnels, the rest of the world screams, “Send those more!”

Take a stand with Israel

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Stand with Israel wants to get people involved spiritually and politically on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. They do this by encouraging people to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and giving them the facts they need to fight against anti-Israel bias in the media. Our goal is to turn our love for Israel and the Jewish people into action. Daily, there are many things that each of us can do to show our support and stand with Israel and her people in a natural way to help.

How many more tears will it take for the rest of the world to hear me yell, “DOUBLE STANDARD?” How much must more blood be spent before the world turns against terrorists rather than Israel? How many must more lives be lost until the world can no longer turn a blind eye or a deaf ear?

Want to learn how to advocate for Israel?

Here’s a book you must read!

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