Israel is going to take up to 25,000 Ukrainian refugees

Opinion by Gili Meshulam

They won’t stop for a second: they watch the news and raise funds for Ukraine, which stops the world to wonder- why do Israelis care so much about the Ukrainians.

Take over 25,000 refugees.

Well the answer is very clear: they can identify with them.

They can identify with feeling helpless and getting attacked for no good reason. (Not that there’s a good enough reason to start a war, yes?)

They can identify with endless rockets and many Israelis have reported that hearing the sirens on the television gives them PTSD attacks.

So yes, this war hits home for them.

Sharia Diamant, Ministry of Aliyah and Integration

Israelis suffer from PTSD

Israel has been under attack ever since 2001, the rockets were aimed to kill innocent Israelis and disturb their daily routine. During that time 90% of Israelis who live in Sderot ( an Israeli city 33 kilometers away from Gaza).

According to a report made by NATAL over 90% of the children who live in southern Israel have PTSD or a post traumatic experience related to the reoccurring war with Gaza.

A study in 2019 has fund that 29% of Ukrainian suffer from PTSD (According to Conversation research facility).

War has been affecting lives of Israeli, Ukrainian and Palestinian innocents .

And children pay the heaviest price.

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