One of the consistently recurring motifs in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is whenever it is reported that a Palestinian has been killed, the anti-Zionist media jumps in and claims that here, another crime committed by the Zionist regime, another innocent Palestinian (if not yet 18, then a child) was brutally murdered,
But then when other images float the surface, showing that he was not just a passerby, but took an active part in the violence and terrorism, If they are unable to deny it, then the image they are trying to sell turns 180 degrees and becomes “What did you expect? Palestinians have the right to resist occupation, apartheid, etc… ”

“Palestinians have the right to resist” so they say, the Palestinians have reached levels of dimensionless oppression so we have no right to criticize what they are doing for their “liberation”
But this begs the question if the Palestinians have a “right to resist” why does the anti-Zionist media bother so much to whitewash their acts of resistance?
And I’m not just talking about just removing incidents from their context, I’m talking about sometimes a complete denial of the existence of Palestinian violence, for example during the stabbing wave in 2015-2016. ” the conspiracy theory that the IDF implants knives in the bodies of innocent Palestinians to “justify their murder” was widely circulated like in the Haaretz newspaper.
If they have a “right to resist” why do they deny the existence of this right when exercised?

Because the truth is, anti-Zionists do not see the Palestinians as a people with their ideology and desires, for them, the Palestinians are like an organism that responds randomly to the events around it.
Only in this way can they support the “Palestinian cause” without dealing with the ideological charge that comes with it, otherwise they will have to ask themselves whether they are just “fighting the occupation/apartheid.
This is why for them, every Palestinian who is harmed is innocent, and if he has been proven he was harmed because he attacked Israelis, it must be because of vague concepts like “oppression”.
This contradiction is almost non-existent among the Zionists, almost always when an Israeli is killed, it is privatized exactly whether he or she was a civilian killed in an act of terrorism or a soldier who fell on a mission for his or her country, because, unlike the anti-Zionists, the Zionists truly believe their struggle is just.

This article was written by Adin Haykin!

My name is Adin Haykin, a 23-year-old IDF soldier from Israel.

I write articles on Israeli history on MediumĀ 

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