Who are Israeli Arabs?

Israel is a diverse country with people from all over the world. There are Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze living in Israel. One of the most interesting groups to live in Israel is the Arabs. This blog must be surprising for many because we are going to talk about things that no one talks about and that is the Arab citizens and residents of Israel. Growing up, we all used to see news about the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. This made many people believe that Jews and Muslims cannot coexist and that there is a sense of hatred from both sides. However once you travel to Israel and talk to the locals you would see that the reality is totally different.

Believe it or not, there are millions of Muslims living in the state of Israel. They even hold Israeli citizenship. There are also other Arab groups that do not have Israeli citizenship but are still given refuge in the country. These people do jobs and even hold government position in the country. However the propaganda you see in the media makes you believe that something like this cannot be possible but it is.However that does not mean that they don’t have their own set of challenges.These people do suffer from an identity crisis as some like to be called Palestinians while other prefer the term Israeli Arab. 

Is There Harmony between the Jews and Arab Muslims Living In Israel?

Like everywhere else in the world, there are different types of people in every group. There are some Arab Muslims living with harmony with their Jewish neighbors inside Israel and then there are certain elements in those groups that are not in favor of the policies of the Israeli Government. The government of Israel has denied any such claims and reiterated that all citizens of Israel enjoy equal opportunities and equal right. This can be seen from the fact that Arabs are holding positions in the Supreme Court and the Parliament. With this conflict going on for decades, it is only natural for both sides to have some animosity. 

There is civil unrest in many countries all over the globe. There are different groups in almost every country that feel that they are not being heard or their needs aren’t being met. In Israel that group is the Arabs living in Israel. However no matter how angry or disappointed these Arabs are from the government in Israel, they don’t want to leave the country. They consider Israel their home and want to stay in and fight democratically. This is why a study has shown that many Arab Israelis living in the country prefer to be called Israeli Arab rather than any other term. The study also shows that majority of these people would like to remain in Israel rather than moving to a new Palestinian state.

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