The Israeli Mindset

In the past 72 years Israel has become one of the world's leading countries. All thanks to one important matter- Israelis.

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Committed To Excellence

With thousands of successful startups in a year.

One of the Highest college graduates per capita in the world.

And one of the world’s highest life expectancy

Israel is breaking a different glass ceiling every single day!

So What will you learn?

In “how to think like an Israeli” zoom workshop you’d get to learn the top secrets of the most successful country in the Middle East.

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The Israeli mindset

What is the Israeli mindset, and what can we learn from it.

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Successful Israelis

Stories of successful Israelis and the reason they are successful.

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The Secrets

The unique secrets of the Israeli culture.


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How you can learn from it

How to develop an Israeli mindset, learn from the greatest minds of Israel.
And become innovative.

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A well-put webinar of a beloved country.

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Honestly, this is the best thing you could ever do to yourself.

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Gili is a wonderful person who does a really important job.

She is super informative and talented!

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