Is Israel safe to Travel – 2023 Update

Introduction Israel is a popular travel destination for tourists from around the world. The country has many beautiful sights, including ancient ruins and holy sites. However, some people are concerned about safety when visiting Israel. In this article, we’ll address the main questions that you might have about safety in Israel and whether it’s safe […]

Best hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, the commercial and tech capital of Israel, still has a lot going for it in culture and art. White City, where you’ll find the world’s most extensive collection of international-style buildings, and a long beachfront make the city lively and easygoing. See the best hotels in Tel Aviv. Hotel Nordoy The Nordoy is […]

Traveling to Israel: A guide for Christians

Israel’s tour is mystifying. Everywhere you look, you’ll discover the multi-layered history, conflicting religious symbols, and a plethora of perspectives, all rooted in an ancient past yet brimming with an unmistakable current vibrancy. Regardless of this — or maybe precisely because of this — it is a vibrant and enthusiastic country that claims your attention. […]