Best hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, the commercial and tech capital of Israel, still has a lot going for it in culture and art. White City, where you’ll find the world’s most extensive collection of international-style buildings, and a long beachfront make the city lively and easygoing. See the best hotels in Tel Aviv. Hotel Nordoy The Nordoy is […]

Traveling to Israel: A guide for Christians

Israel’s tour is mystifying. Everywhere you look, you’ll discover the multi-layered history, conflicting religious symbols, and a plethora of perspectives, all rooted in an ancient past yet brimming with an unmistakable current vibrancy. Regardless of this — or maybe precisely because of this — it is a vibrant and enthusiastic country that claims your attention. […]

How to move to Israel?

Want to make Aliyah? here’s how: If you plan to spend the rest of your life in Israel, this post will help you on, How to move to Israel! Israel is a beautiful part of the Middle East on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a biblical Holy land for Druze, Christians, Muslims, Baha’is, Jews, and […]