Things you need for Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is a time of renewal and hope. It’s also a time for sweet plans for the New Year! Here are some things that might make your Rosh Hashana celebrations even sweeter: If you’re celebrating Rosh Hashana, here are some things you might want to have on hand. If you’re celebrating Rosh Hashana, here […]

Learning Hebrew isn’t that Hard

Introduction In spite of the fact that many people think that Hebrew is a tough language, it’s actually not. There are a few things about the language that can be tricky, but if you learn to deal with them, then mastering Hebrew won’t be such a big deal. In this article, I will share with […]

Antisemitism is on the rise and we should all be concerened

Antisemitism is on the rise. This isn’t something we should take lightly. The Jewish hatred has been spread on social media and it’s become a severe problem for Jewish people living in Europe and the United States. As we are less than a century away from the holocaust, We must do everything we can to […]

Jewish Months of the Year

Understanding the Hebrew calendar and its 12 months of the year can be intimidating for those not familiar with it, but it’s actually quite simple once you know the basics. Knowing when each month starts, as well as the Jewish holidays that fall on certain months of the year, are great ways to deepen your […]

Volodymyr Zelensky’s Jewish Background

Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky was elected Ukraine’s sixth president in April. In 1978, Zelensky was born in Kryvyi Rih, a Ukrainian city in central Russia, to a Russian-speaking family. In addition to being Jewish, his mother is also an engineer, and his father is a computer scientist. Several of his grandfather’s siblings and his paternal great-grandfather […]

How to debate with an anti-Semite?

The Jews have been through an endless series of prosecution, violence, pogroms, forced conversions, forced migrations, ethnic cleansing and finally the Holocaust with the extermination of almost 7 million European Jews. Despite being on the receiving end of the worst imaginable treatment in the human history, the Jewish community around the world faces unfound hatred and contempt from […]

The Jewish High Holidays are coming to an end

The Jewish High Holidays are coming to an end Now what? As I write these words there are just a few days left for the Jewish high holidays and I am dreading going back to a normal schedule. As a Jewish and Israel educator, this time of year is so busy but also so fulfilling. […]

What Is Yom Kippur And Why Jews Celebrate it?

Yom Kippur is one the the most important Jewish holidays.It is a holy day focusing completely on Repentance to God about One’s actions in that year. Jews traditionally observe this holy day with a 25 hours-long fast and intensive prayer, as many are spending most of the day in synagogue, praying for repentance. As the […]

Is israel occupying Palestine?

Is israel occupying Palestine? When it comes to the Israeli Palestinian conflict many are falsely claiming that Israel colonized Palestine a claim that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are some facts about the Israeli Palestinian conflict that will teach you more about the History of the land: 1. Jews are indigenous to the […]

Why Israel Is so important to the Jewish People

  Israel: The Homeland of Jews Israel is the homeland of Jews. It is mentioned not just in the Bible that Jews have lived in the land of Israel of thousands of years, in fact the land has received its name after the people of Israel- the Israelites, as the Jews were just one tribe […]