Things to know before you move to Israel

Moving to Israel is a big decision. You need to know that you’re making the right choice for yourself and your family, so don’t make this move lightly. If you’re interested in moving to Israel, it’s important that you understand what it means to live there as an American citizen. Here are some things that […]

Haaretz and Fake news- Opinion

Most peope think Haaretz is Israel’s A rated newspaper, with a global reach and influence. It’s often what citizens of the world use when they want to find something positive about Israel, or any news from there. Yet the truth could not be further away from it. Haaretz is a leftist news site that often […]

Antisemitism is on the rise and we should all be concerened

Antisemitism is on the rise. This isn’t something we should take lightly. The Jewish hatred has been spread on social media and it’s become a severe problem for Jewish people living in Europe and the United States. As we are less than a century away from the holocaust, We must do everything we can to […]

What Happened to Shireen Abu Akleh the Al Jazeera Journalist

28 Al Jazeera journalists were killed this year, none of which has received half of the media coverage Shireen Abu Akleh has. Her death is a horrible event, yet for now, it looks like Palestinian extremists are using her death as a tool to bash Israel. Israel wants to interrogate the event, but Palestinians don’t […]

The Anti Israel trend- Why is it trendy to hate Israel

I believe in the State of Israel and know that it has the right to exist. Furthermore, the State of Israel has the right to live in peace, with a sense of security, and without tragedy befalling our people regularly because someone disagrees with my opinion. How come Israel is subjected to a double standard? […]

Israel is going to take up to 25,000 Ukrainian refugees

Opinion by Gili Meshulam They won’t stop for a second: they watch the news and raise funds for Ukraine, which stops the world to wonder- why do Israelis care so much about the Ukrainians. Take over 25,000 refugees. Well the answer is very clear: they can identify with them. They can identify with feeling helpless […]

Best Books about Israel

Very few books have the ability to influence people, and the ten works we have listed here are among them. They brilliantly expose readers to the psyche of the Jewish state’s intricacies. They educate us about the country’s history and its current, technology-led dignity. Take a look at these books that make us fall in love with a land that so many of us relate […]

Is Israel An Apartheid State? The Facts Say NO!

Israel is a nation built on the premise of being a refuge for those fleeing persecution, and as such has an obligation to protect all its citizens. The reality is that Israel protects the rights of non-Jews to an extent unheard of in any other Middle Eastern country. It is however still accused of being […]

Is It Safe To Travel To Israel? How Good Is The Security Situation There

Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a rich history. It’s also a place that has been in news for decades because of the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. Every now and then you would hear the news of a new skirmish between the two sides. With the threat of […]

Arabs in Israel: Challenges and Current Policies

Who are Israeli Arabs? Israel is a diverse country with people from all over the world. There are Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze living in Israel. One of the most interesting groups to live in Israel is the Arabs. This blog must be surprising for many because we are going to talk about things that […]