Think like an Israeli workshop

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Think like an Israeli workshop

Let’s face it, Israelis are probably more successful than some other cultures  

For the past 72 years Israel has managed to do what no other country in the world has managed. 

Israelis have created a thriving country, a start up nation that has made the desert bloom in less than 72 years. 

Israel went from a waste land to a heaven and all thanks to Israelis. 

If you would like to learn the methods of successful Israelis. 

such as- Benjamin Netanyahu, Gal Gadot, Linoy Ashram,Netta Brazilai and many more?

If you’d like to learn how Israel does it one time after another.  

and would like to know how to develop a successful Israeli mindset

this workshop is for you!

In “how to think like an Israeli” zoom workshop you’d get to learn the top secrets of the most successful country in the Middle East.

So what exactly will you be learning?

  1. Why many Jews in and out of Israel are successful
  2. How Israel made the desert bloom in such a short time
  3. All of the secrets of the Israeli culture
  4. And so much more information!

Live from the incredible city of Tel Aviv!

How does it work

Once you press add to cart and finish your order you will get a zoom link.

Workshop will be one hour long, and will start at

March 30th 9PM Israel time


1 review for Think like an Israeli workshop

  1. sagiv ovadia

    Sophisticated, interesting and true thanks!

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