Learn how to advocate Israel on Social media!

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Learn how to advocate Israel on Social media!


Learn how to advocate Israel! Online Conference

If you too are sick of the lies  that are constantly being spread about Israel

And would like to learn:

How to deal with Israel haters and Anti-Zionists

How to expose lies spread about Israel and Anti Semitism

You’ve reached the right place!

Let’s talk about it

Today, more than before fake news thrive and live off of social media, we can’t always be certain that what we see online in the truth.

But the damage that is made is real, many are fed of those hateful lies, and develop a negative image toward Israel, Israelis and even Jews.

We are going to teach you how to advocate and improve Israel’s image in just a one-hour long conference, where you will learn step by step how to improve Israel’s image!

I’ve seen it. With my own eyes- the hate

2 years ago, in a short trip to New York, I have entered NYU to visit a friend.
Sharing I’m an Israeli- I’ve received huge hate comments, about my country, about my people.

The number of lies the Pro- Palestinian students spread about Israel was huge.

I was shocked. So I decided to do anything we could in order to improve Israel’s image.
And I started My Israeli Story.

Learning and hands-on experiencing in advocating Israel, improving Israel’s image, and dealing with misconceptions & lies spread on Israel.

I understood that not only I need to advocate for Israel myself, but I need to train other people to advocate for Israel

And protect Israel’s image.

I’ve created an entire conference teaching you- A-Z all you need to know about Israel in order for you to protect Israel’s name and Image.

How does it REALLY work

Once you sign up you get a link to our webinar

Who am I?

My name is Gili Meshulam and I am the CEO & Founder of MY Israeli Story.

I’m also a teacher at Tel Aviv University, teaching Political Science. Stand with Us fellow, and CIC Public diplomacy graduate.

As an Israeli and a Jew -Israel has always been very close to my heart.

My main goal has always been to improve Israel’s Image and today as a MA student I learn and teach how to share, practice storytelling, and advocate for Israel.

Main things you will learn:

How to debate:

Israel is an apartheid state claim

Zionism is racism claim

Israel is murdering innocent Palestinians claim

Israel is an obstacle of peace claim

And even:

Why Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel

New form of anti anti semitism

And guess what?

Free bonus!

You can now get:

Advocating Israel 101 Ebook for free!!


April 11th 9PM Israel time (2PM EST)

Or – repeated session at April 18th 9PM Israel time (2PM EST)


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