This is NOT an ordinary webinar!

I created this Zoom Webinar for all the people who are eager to learn, the ones that find history and religion interesting, and the ones that do not want to be misled by the common beliefs which are often false beliefs.

This webinar is for people of all ages coming from any religion, any background, and any family status.

People who seek the truth and want to form their own beliefs and make their own informed decisions on important topics about Judaism.

People who do not just go with the flow of misleading information in the press or the common understanding of others who have no solid evidence or reason to back up their opinions

Hey, My name is Gili and I am an educator - an Israeli & Jewish activist!

I am organizing this Zoom Webinar for you – history lovers, Christians, Jews, and anyone out there who is interested to learn the truth about us Israelis and Judaism from my personal point of view. This one-hour-long webinar will give you all the information about the Jewish point of view and narrative about Christianity and Jesus. I will completely change your opinion about Judaism.

I’ve spent years learning from some of the greatest Israeli and Jewish advocators – including Stand with us, Stand with Israel, Aipac, and Friends of Israel. I’ve mastered my knowledge in unique Jewish classes about Christianity at Bar Ilan University in Israel. I was even teaching at Tel Aviv University at the age of only 24.

Gaining all this information and experience has made me want to share it with you – the interested people who want to know the Jewish point of view on Christianity and why we are not so different after all. I was patiently waiting for the right time and two years ago I started My Israeli Story!

What exactly is “My Israeli Story”?

This is my own unique platform, where I share and teach only the truth about Israel, Judaism, and the conflict – all from my personal prism and life experience as a Jew and Israeli woman.


We started with zero followers on Instagram and now, just 2 years later, we are almost 20 000. This is the time to say a huge Thank You for all the support!

Event Schedule

Wondering what Jews think about Christianity and Jesus? This webinar is just for you! 


More highlights
on the webinar

The Link to the Land of Israel – Helping you understand that Jews and Christians are not so different after all, we share many common values and beliefs and we can all work together to build this land!

Jesus – Who is Jesus according to the Jews? Why Jews do not believe in Jesus and who is the Jewish Messiah? These and many other essential questions await you in my webinar.

Similarities – The Jewish point of view and narrative. What is the bridge that connects both of our worlds - the Christian and Jewish one. These and many other very interesting questions will be discussed in my webinar.

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Saturday 4/10 12 PM EST Or 2 PM EST
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Sunday 5/2 12 PM EST Or 2 PM EST
Sunday 5/9 12 PM EST Or 2 PM EST

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The normal price for this Webinar is $75 but right now there is a limited-time offer and a sale price of just $29.90! Yes, get everything now for just $29.90 and enrich your knowledge about Israel, Judaism, Christianity, Jesus, who believes in them, and why!


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