My Israeli Story Presents:

What Jews think about Jesus

One Special opportunity to get a sneak peek into the Jewish narrative

One hour-long webinar that will teach you all about the Jewish point of view and narrative of Christianity and Jesus. 

Hey! I'm Gili

Im about to change your entire POV on Judaism


I am so much more than just an Israel & Jewish activist.

I am an educator.

For years I’ve learned from the greatest Israel and Jewish advocators- including Stand with us, stand with Israel Aipac & Friends of Israel.

I’ve even mastered in unique Jewish classes about Christianity at Bar Ilan University in Israel.

And even teaching at Tel Aviv University at just 24 years old.

But I didn’t do much with it. not until 2 years ago.

When I started My Israeli Story

My own unique platfrom

Where I teach and share the truth about Israel and Judaism, where I can talk about Israel, Judaism, the conflict.

All from my own experience and life as an Israeli and a Jew.


It Is where I show you, what for years I've wished the media would have shown you-


The truth.
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